Legacy Society Members

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Legacy Society Members

The names below are those individuals and families who have indicated Our Fund Foundation and the agencies we serve in their estate plan or will. Because of their generosity, Our Fund Foundation is positioned to make a considerable future impact on LGBT causes and concerns.

DC Allen & Ken Flick
Bob Avian and Peter Pileski
Dan Ayers and Tony Seguino
Jim Barber
Michael Barron
Darcy Beeman
Louis Benevento & Patrick Duffy
Scott Bennett
Hal Birchfield
Harry Blumenfeld† and Martin Falzack
Robin Bodiford
Lee J. Brady and David E. Sanderson
Jack Huizenga & Donald Broaddus
Dan Byrne & Bockman Byrne-Ray
Donald Comras
Philip Dearborn
Robert Delehanty
Stephen Draft and Allen Peterson
Greg Dudzek and Jayant Goyle
James Eberle & Herbert Bachmann
Wilson Ellis and Tom Woodham
Ted Emery
Frances Epstein & Barbara Signer
Paul Fasana
Laurence R. Ferber
Meryl Friedman
Walter J. Gaugler, Jr.†
Dino Georgiou and Louis Malkin †

Herman Staib & Jorg Gobel
Sharon Gossett
Donald L. Green and Gene Ingledue
Harry Harkins
Richard E. Herman
Ronald D. Herron
Omar Hendrix and Steve Holloway
Albert Husted
George Johnson
Tom Jones
Gregory Kabel
Gerry Kennedy and Paul Smith
Mark Ketcham and Werner Lutz
Nate and Raphael Klarfeld
James K. LaBrie
Robert Lee
Charles V. Loring
Kent McIntyre and John Tambasco
Lynn McLaughlin & David L. Webb
Brian McNaught and Raymond Struble
Peter Meyerhoefer and Stephen Larimore
Shawn Newman and Dennis Redmon
Ed Nicholas
Chuck Nicholls and Mark Turner
Richard Overton
Brent Pagnotta
Joe Pallant & Sandro Trevisan
James G. Pepper

Harry A. Peterson
Sandra L. Picardi
Mona Pittenger
Randolph James Plummer
Manuel Ramirez & David Eccleston
Charles L. Ross
Lee H. Rubin & James R. Walker, Jr.
Franklin R. Schmidt
Wayne A. Schrebe
Ryan Schultz
Theodore F. Schultz
Richard Schwarz & Tom Massey
Charles Goldberg & Stephen Shaw
Vincent Shola
Diane Simeoni
Richard Spada
Herman Staib and Jorg Gobel
Jim Stepp and Peter Zimmer
Ralph Stivali
David Stubbins
Kenneth Tewel
Anthony Timiraos and Arthur Crispino
Richard H. Vallari
Carol Wartenberg and Laura Hohnecker
Sue Wilder
George Zuber and Anthony Snyder


† Deceased

If you would like to learn more about the ease with which you can ensure that your estate plan reflects the values by which you live your life, please contact Our Fund Foundation at 954-565-1090.