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How you can make a difference!

A tax-exempt community foundation, Our Fund's mission is to promote a culture of philanthropy by uniting donors with organizations supporting the LGBT community.

Our Fund Foundation has a number of various ways in which you can give to the LGBT community - with your current giving or through the planning of your legacy giving after your death.

Create a legacy that reflects your values

What organization or cause has had an impact on your life? What do you want to be remembered for? A planned legacy gift can benefit future generations - all in your name.

Strengthen and secure the future work of LGBT organizations

Support causes that are important to you such as seniors, youth, the arts or equal rights

Pool your estate giving with others to maximize returns and increase impact

Remain confident that your legacy gifts will be used according to your intentions

Make a difference in OUR community

If you have supported various organizations or causes through the course of your life that are very important to you, Legacy Giving allows you to continue to have that impact after your death. Our Fund encourages individuals to be as purposeful with their giving after they are gone as they are while living. By creating a charitable fund from your estate, you will have a lasting impact for future generations.


Our Fund Foundation Received $10 Million in Generous Legacy Gifts to Aid South Florida LGBTQ+ Agencies

For more information on creating your Legacy Fund, please contact Chief Financial Officer Mark Blaylock at 954-565-1090

Valued supporters who make it possible

Our Fund Foundation's iGive Society is our community of generous donors ($1,500+ annually) who stand with us to support our mission of increasing philanthropy in the South Florida LGBT non-profit community.

These members are invited to special events throughout the year and are recognized in our publications and website as key members who stand with us in our mission of supporting a more vital non-profit LGBT community in South Florida.


Making philanthropy easy

A Donor Advised Fund is a simple yet powerful way to manage all of your charitable giving in one place. You make tax-deductible gifts into your fund and then recommend grants to your chosen charities at any time.

Simplified giving

Tax Benefits

Privacy (if you wish)

Choose your investment option

Philanthropic advice

Your fund will allow you to support specific organizations or causes that are important to you - both within and outside the LGBT community - through one consolidated account. Setting up your Donor Advised Fund can be completed very easily with only a few decisions to make on your part and then you will be ready to simplify all your giving from one account.


For more information on establishing a Donor Advised Fund, please contact Chief Financial Officer Mark Blaylock at 954-565-1090

How to provide much-needed targeted support

Our Fund has determined six fields of interests that are especially important to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. Whether you decide to establish your own fund, contribute to a field of interest fund, or give directly to a specific organization, Our Fund is here to make the connection so that you have the best philanthropic choice.

Youth Fund

Our Fund’s Youth Fund uplifts LGBTQ youth and strives to provide safe and productive home and school environments.  Funds are distributed to South Florida agencies that address the staggering statistics of violence and bullying affecting LGBTQ youth that result in poorer educational and health outcomes versus cisgender heterosexual counterparts, including lower GPAs, less likely planning for higher eduation and more likely experience of self-esteem problems.

Senior's Fund

At a time when LGBT older adults should be enjoying their golden years, many  face high rates of economic insecurity and are more likely to be affected by severe health and wellness issues.  Our Fund’s Elders’ Fund supports South Florida agencies that address the unique needs of LGBT older adults, including training to provide culturally competent service providers, improving the lives of HIV+ older adults and reducing isolation and its effects that many older LGBT adults experience.

Women's Fund

Recognizing that the women’s LBT community is a marginalized class within a minority, Our Fund directs resources to uplift South Florida’s LBT community and combat the historical inequities that are pervasive within the LGBT community.

Transgender Fund

Our Fund’s Transgender Fund provides grants to service providers to advance the quality of life for transgender people.  Because programs and services that serve and uplift South Florida’s large transgender community are deeply under-resourced, Our Fund plays an integral role in directing attention and philanthropy to these issues.


Because LGBT people are at greater risk for mental and behavioral health challenges and for diseases such as cancer, heart disease and HIV/AIDS, Our Fund’s Health Fund promotes community health by addressing the unique needs and challenges facing the LGBT community.  Funds are distributed to South Florida agencies that promote education and address the disparities facing LGBT and HIV+ individuals related to access to healthcare, insurance and other barriers affecting the physical wellbeing of South Florida’s LGBT community.

Arts & Culture Fund

Our Fund recognizes the importance of arts and culture to inspire, empower and transform individuals and communities. Grants from this fund promote South Florida artistic expression that amplifies LGBT voices and works in the service of preserving, telling and celebrating LGBT stories and to promoting LGBT equality and social justice.

Social Justice Fund

Our Fund’s Social Justice Fund envisions a world in which all LGBT people live with dignity, safety, and opportunity. Preference for grants from the Fund is given to agencies, programs and services that increase LGBT inclusion and acceptance and expand LGBT-affirming protections.

In addition, Our Fund supports four free-standing initiatives in partnership with local and national partners:

SAGE@SoFIA Friendly Visitor Program:
A partnership between Our Fund, SAGE and SoFIA (South Florida Institute on Aging) to match local volunteers with socially isolated LGBTQ elders, forming mutually rewarding relationships that enrich the lives of Broward’s older population.


Albert LaMorges Performing Arts Internship Fund:
Provides annual stipends to aspiring LGBT students in Music and Theater Arts participating in the organizations and productions of Island City Stage and the Gay Men’s Chorus of South Florida.


Homeless LGBTQ Youth Initiative:
A collaborative effort with Our Fund, SunServe and The Pride Center to provide resources to homeless or at-risk LGBTQ youth and assist them with job employment, education and/or housing support.


Contigo Fund:
In the wake of the tragic event that occurred at Pulse nightclub in Orlando targeting LGBTQ people of color, the Contigo Fund is an effort to strengthen and network existing agencies while identifying and supporting grassroots efforts that intersect and advance Latinx and LGBTQ causes in Central Florida.

Interested in volunteering?

Life's most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others? - Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.

Sweat equity is another great way to give!
Contact Obed Caballero to inquire about volunteering opportunities.