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Fund Advisor Portal

Our Fund Foundation is pleased to provide you with access to your funds through the Fund Advisor Portal.  This portal will provide you with current information on your fund including account balances, contributions and grants, and the ability to recommend grants online to your chosen non-profit organizations.

Here's how to get started!

Establish your access and password

You will receive an email from sender ‘’ Our Fund Foundation will be referenced in the subject line. Follow the instructions to create a password for your account. Your username / login will be your email address and take a note of the password that you create for your account.

Access the Donor Advised Portal

To access the Donor Advisor Portal simply click HERE. Enter your username and password and then you will have access to the fund/funds for which you serve as advisor.

Use the System

The home page of the Fund Advisor Portal provides you with an overview of your fund including balance and recent contributions and grants. Note that each person identified on a fund advisor will be listed on this page as well. Use the various ‘Menu Option’ choices as described here.

Menu Options

Choose Fund
If you are an advisor to more than one fund, you will choose which fund information to access. If you are advisor to just one fund, you will be taken to that fund’s Home Page


Home Page
Shows the current fund balance as well as a listing of the most Recent contributions into and grants paid from the fund.


A listing of the contributions into your fund.


A listing of grants made from your fund, first alphabetically by recipient organization, then scroll down the page to see a listing of the most recent grants made in date order.

  • Grants with a status of ‘Complete’ have been sent to your designated non-profit
  • Descriptions of grants prior to May 2021 will simply be your fund name.


Grant Recommendations
Click HERE to see a full explanation of how you use the Advisor Portal to recommend new grants from your fund.


Funding Initiatives
A listing of our current priorities for which we are seeking gifts and grants. This includes both internal grant cycle funds as well as local agencies being highlighted for special needs.


Fund Statements will be available beginning with the September 2021 statement.


Log Off
This option will close your current session on the Fund Advisor Portal.

Making a Grant Recommendation on the Fund Advisor Portal

Use the ‘Grant Recommendation’ tab on the menu options section of the portal to send your grant recommendations to Our Fund Foundation. This replaces the current process of emailing your requests with the grant recommendations forms used previously.

1)  You may identify a grant recipient in several ways:

  • Use the Drop-Down Box that lists grantees you have given to in the past
  • Use the Drop-Down Box for making a gift to an Our Fund Foundation Field of Interest Fund
  • Use the ‘Search for Grantee’ option which will run a Guidestar inquiry to find the organization information in their database and verify the organization qualifies as a valid 501(c)(3) non-profit
  • Enter the Grantee information manually. Required fields are those marked with an asterisk.

2)  Once you have identified the beneficiary organization, please complete the following fields:


Any additional information about this grant recommendation you may wish to include. You may designate your grant for a specific program or event or special sponsorship. If left blank, your grant will be considered general operating support. Remember that due to the full tax deduction you received for gifts into your fund, we cannot accept grant requests that result in a benefit to the donor.

Amount of Grant

The minimum grant amount is $250.00


Indicate here if you wish the grant to be made anonymously. Your name and fund name will not be included on the correspondence sent to the non-profit organization.


You may choose to set up a recurring grant recommendation from your fund. If you choose this option, you will need to include 1) a start date, 2) a recurrence interval and 3) number of recurring grants to be made from your fund.


You may attach a document to send to us with your grant recommendation.

Attachment Description

Description of the attachment added to your recommendation.

3)  Click ‘Review‘ to verify the information you have indicated for your grant recommendation.

4)  If everything is accurate, click ‘Submit Request‘ to make your grant recommendation, or click ‘Edit Request‘ to return to the previous page and make the necessary changes as required.

5)  Once you submit your grant recommendation, you will see that listed on the right side of the ‘Grant Request’ tab and we will be notified to begin the grant process. Once completed, this grant will appear on the ‘Grant’ tab of your fund.