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Proposals for Specific Projects
Request of $10,000 per project
(partial funding accepted)


Project Name and Description


  • Safe Schools South Florida
    Living Rainbow Project - Making It Better Now and Always

    This project will employ certified educators to provide school administrators, teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, psychologists and paraprofessionals in the public schools with training on strategies, techniques and resources for making schools and classrooms safe learning environments for all students with an emphasis on LGBTQ youth.

    For more information contact:
    Robert Loupo
    or click here

    For information about Safe Schools South Florida click here.

  • Miami Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
    Plug-in at the LGBT Visitor/Community Center

    Project will provide access to youth and the unemployed with a resource for job searching, information gathering and referral generation. It will also provide others with access to email and information between meetings while on Miami Beach. Visitors will have a portal to confirm and plan activities, make hotel & restaurant reservations and navigate Miami –increasing public access and technology training.

    For more information contact:
    Cindy Brown at MDGLCC
    or click here

    For information about MDGLCC click here.