Define your purpose. Create your legacy.

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A legacy is a gift you leave behind expecting it will benefit future generations.  At the same time, not expecting anything in return but a personal satisfaction that perhaps someone in the future will benefit from your actions.

Think of John F. Kennedy and the Peace Corps or Harvey Milk and LGBTQ civil rights movement. They died before their legacies were fulfilled, but they will be forever revered for their efforts.

Your legacy – it is how you will be remembered and the contributions you made to society while you were alive and through your estate after your death.

Friends of Our Fund who have defined their purpose
and created a legacy with their estate plans

Bob Avian and Peter Pileski
Michael Barron
Darcy Beeman
Scott Bennett
Hal Birchfield
Harry Blumenfeld and Martin Falzac
Robin Bodiford
Donald Comras
Philip Dearborn
Stephen Draft and Allen Peterson
Robert Delehanty
Wilson Ellis and Tom Woodham
Ted Emery
Paul Lasagna
Walter J. Gaugler, Jr.*
Dino Georgiou and Louis Malkin
Herman Staib and Jorg Gobel
Charles Goldberg and Stephen Shaw
Donald L. Green
Harry Harkins
Omar Hendrix and Steve hollaway
Ronald D. Herron
Jack Huizenga and Donald Broaddus
George Johnson
Tomas W. Jones, Jr.
Gregory Kabel
Mark Ketcham and Werner Lutz
Nate and Raphael Klarfeld
James K. LaBrie
Robert Lee
Charles V. Loring
David Webb and Lynn McLaughlin
Brian McNaught and Raymond Struble

Peter Meyerhoefer and Stephen Larimore
Shawn Newman and Dennis Redmond
Ed Nicholas
Chuck Nicholls and Mark Turner
Richard Overton
Joe Pallant
James G. Pepper
Harry A. Peterson
Mona Pittenger
Jon Randall Plummer
Charles L. Ross
Lee H. Rubin and James R. Walker, Jr.
Lee J. Brady and David E. Sanderson
Wayne A. Schrebe
Ryan Schultz
Theodore F. Schultz
Richard Schwarz and Tom Massey
Vincent Shoal
Richard Spada
Jim Stepp and Peter Zimmer
Kenneth Tewel
John Tambasco and Kent McIntyre
Anthony Timiraos and Arthur Crispino
Carol Wartenberg and Laura hohnecker
Sue Wilder
George Zuber and Anthony Snyder


Important messages from
Legacy Society Members

"Define Your Purpose - Create Your Legacy"
click the link above for an article published by
South Florida Gay News and written by Anthony Timiraos

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How to establish your legacy

Let Our Fund help you Define Your Legacy. Click here to download a copy of our brochure with a listing of Q&As that will guide you through this process.

Where can I get more information?
Visit for additional answers to the most common questions, then contact your professional advisor or visit for a listing of advisors ready to help you. They will help you through this important process.

Additional listing of legal advisors can be found at


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Gift Planning
A personal process of defining a legacy that reflects your life's work, values and commitments. Not planning means letting someone else plan for you, and in estate planning, that means the government's plan. For the LGBTQ community, the government's plan is likely very different from what we would want, especially since the laws related to LGBTQ relationships and adoptions vary from state to state and may not be consistent to federal laws.

Our Fund's Basic Guide to Gift Planning for the LGBTQ Community in South Florida is designed for donors to stimulate their philanthropic thoughts in a organized manner as they begin their gift planning process.

Download your copy here.


Including our Fund in your estate plans means you join a wonderful community of thoughtful and generous people who want to leave a legacy or compassion and care. They believe that someday there will be full equality for LGBTQ people and their families.

As a Legacy Society member, you receive annual acknowledgement in Our Fund publications, invitations to donor events and briefs, as well as our enduring gratitude.

It is our responsibility to secure our community's future.

Be a philanthropist.
Make the connection.


For questions, or to let us know that you have included Our Fund in your plans, please contact our CEO/President,
Anthony Timiraos at 954-683-6619 or

Join Our Fund by making a donation today