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Customized Funds based on donor's charitable intent


We can help you create a strategy that achieves your charitable goals and establishes your legacy by helping you create a personalized Funds.

Donors who set up a Fund can make one contribution to Our Fund and requests distributions from their Fund that meet their charitable goals. Investment income and losses increase or decrease the size of each Fund based on the Fund’s balance and activity.

FIVE reasons to establish a Fund

Fewer Charitable Receipts
The IRS requires that contributions are supported by a receipt. When you establish a Fund, you will only need one receipt for the contribution made to your Fund. Distributions from your Fund do not require receipts, your tax deduction occurs when you make your contribution to the Fund.
Avoid Capital Gains Taxes on Appreciated Securities
When you transfer appreciated securities to your Fund you not only avoid the capital gains tax but you may be able to take a tax deduction for the market value of the security and your Fund will receive full value of the asset in your Fund when the asset is sold and liquidated.
Tax Free Growth
Funds at Our Fund are invested in one of two pools - A diversified pool containing a balanced allocation of stocks, bonds and other marketable securities or a fixed income pool which provides asset stability and is invested in money market and high grade government bonds. In either pool, investment gains or losses are allocated to all Funds associated with the specific pool.
Flexibility of Contributions
You can maximize your tax benefit by making a higher level of gifts to your Fund in some years and lower in others. Distributions from your Fund to charitable organizations can still be made in years when little or no money goes in. On a gift by gift basis, you can also make your contribution anonymously. The recipient organization would only see the Our Fund name on the check.

Easy to Start, Low Fees and Advice
You can start your Fund in less than 15 minutes and our fees start at the annual rate of 1.2% of the Fund balance and goes down with larger balances. Our Fund deals with issues in our community every day and we are happy to supply as much or as little advice, guidance, assistance, support and help as is requested - for no additional cost.

FOUR Major Types of Funds

Donor Advised Funds permit a donor to periodically recommend public charities that will receive distributions from the Fund.

Designated Funds allow the donor to designate a charitable organization as recipient of distributions from the Fund.

Field of Interest Funds support particular areas or issues of concern. Our Fund will make payments to charitable providers within the donor's chosen field of interest.

Unrestricted Funds gives the Foundation the ultimate control as to how the income and/or principal are expanded. Distributions are usually allocated to the most significant cause.

THREE Major Classifications of Funds

Each the of Funds described above can be classified as follows:

Endowed assets are held in perpetuity, endowed gifts will provide annual payouts based on 5% of the 12 quarter rolling average balance of the Fund. This gift provides an annual income to charities or causes you support forever.

Non-Endowed assets can be distributed to a non-profit organization at any time.

Temporarily- Endowed assets are held for a specific amount of time and may provide the dependability of an endowment for a fixed number of years only.

TWO Investment Pools to Choose

Each type of Fund can be invested in one of the following investment pools:

The Diversified Asset Pool is designed to provide long-term capital appreciation and current income. The portfolio will contain a blend of securities expected to grow in value over the long-term and those expected to produce income.

The Fixed Income Pool has an emphasis to minimize principal fluctuation, without consideration for long-term capital appreciation. Income is secondary and dependent upon the returns available from short-term money market instruments. The intent of this pool is to avoid the fluctuation of principal, money market securities are the primary investment vehicles used.

ONE Goal

Grants to be made in the future are as important as grants made today. This is constant with the philosophy that Our fund is to exist in perpetuity, and therefore, should provide for grant making in perpetuity. To attain this goal, the overriding long-term objective is to grow the aggregate portfolio value through investment returns by at least the rate of inflation plus spending and costs. If you would like to see a copy of Our Fund's investment policy, please click here.

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