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Supporting our Non-Profit Community

Introducing donors to organizations serving the LGBTQ community is Our Fund’s primary responsibility.
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Our Fund has created a directory of non-profit organizations supporting the LGBT Community in South Florida.

Click here for your copy.
Connecting organizations with the knowledge and resources they need to provide required services efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner.

Visit our directory of local non-profits providing services to the LGBTQ community to learn more about these organizations. The directory is sorted by focus area and may not be complete, if you know of other organizations that should be listed, please contact us.

Gifts of Assets

Helping local organizations with their fundraising not competing with them. The majority of South Florida’s LGBTQ non-profits are raising annual cash gifts for operations. This effort takes most of their valuable time, resources and energy. Few organizations raise support from gifts of assets or spend time talking to donors about bequests and other planned gifts.

Endowments and Planned Gifts

Working with organizations that lack the resources to effectively market themselves to donors for endowments and planned gifts. Providing a variety of philanthropic vehicles to donors, sound financial and investment management and connecting them directly to their charitable goals will attract gifts of assets that are not currently shared with our South Florida LGBTQ organizations.

Making Connections to New Donors

A resource for new residents of South Florida who often do not know where to turn to learn about our LGBTQ non-profit organizations or do not have the time to investigate the worthiness of organizations in their new community.

Creating impact in the community

The grants process begins by announcing “requests for proposals” from non-profit organizations through newsletters, mailings, press releases, social networks and our website. Every grant proposal that is submitted will be reviewed by Our Fund to ensure the request is in compliance with established guidelines (including non-profit status) and all information has been submitted.

Grant recommendations will be submitted to a Grants Committee comprised of Board members and community leaders. This committee will review the grant requests, declare any conflict of interest, engage in its own discussions and match requests with the dollars available. Final recommendations by the Grants Committee will be brought to the full board for approval.
Once a grant has been awarded, a contract will be created that outlines the project specifics as described in the proposal. Grantees submit mid-year and year-end reports that includes a financial accounting report.

Grantees may be from Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Collier and Monroe Counties.

Grants from Donor Advised Funds may be distributed to any 501(c)(3) organization in the United States.