Define Your Purpose

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Creating a legacy is a very important part of your estate planning process. Learn how you can Define Your Purpose and Support Your Community by Creating a Legacy at Our Fund. Click here to download a copy of our brochure.


Two Gift Giving Programs
to maximize the impact of your gifts

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Building a legacy

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Supporting your favorite non-profit organization or cause during your lifetime or with your estate plans can be done with many different classes of assets. Creating a donor advised fund at Our Fund can also be accomplished with cash and non-cash gifts. Click here to learn about the types of gifts you can make. Click here to learn more about the Impact you can make and the Focus of your gift.


Creating a Fund

Did you know that you can lock in a charitable deduction today by contributing to an "account also known as a "Fund", yet distribute the money, which grows tax free, to your chosen charity or charities over time? Did you also know that you can contribute to your Fund with a gift of cash, marketable securities, real estate and other types of assets? There are

FIVE major reasons to establish a Fund,
FOUR types of Funds to consider,
THREE major classifications of Funds,
TWO investment Pools and finally,
ONE goal.

Click here to learn more about creating your own Charitable Fund.


Supporting Our Fund

Whether you start a Fund in your lifetime and/or commit a portion or all of your estate as part of your gift planning process, you can help those facing a world of discrimination and isolation that so many of us may have witnessed or faced.

Your gift can provide the resources that many organizations lack to meet our community’s vital needs. Your gift can provide the steady support through economic and political changes and help ensure that the LGBT community can address the future needs and threats that we can’t predict today.


Support our mission by making a direct gift to Our Fund or join the First 100 Funders.
Click here for more information on Giving.

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